What your baby looks like at 14 weeks - When can i start my baby on rice cereal.

What Your Baby Looks Like At 14 Weeks

what your baby looks like at 14 weeks

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22 of 52 [08-09] Josh

22 of 52 [08-09] Josh

So I did a baby portrait on Monday. I feel like it went pretty well, considering I haven't done a baby portrait in a gillion years. I've talked with a few friends about this and it's kind of funny to think that this is the only time in your life that you can lie butt naked on a bed, pee straight up into the air multiple times, and people watching are like "oh, haha, so cute" instead of "what the hell?!?!" Anyways, this was pretty fun. I know I'm probably going to have my man card revoked for this next statement but while I was shooting, and moving little Elijah (8 weeks old) I kind of wanted one. But then he started peeing and screaming and I was completely fine not having one. So I still had the glorious lenses I rented over the weekend (that I had at crooked creek) which was awesome to shoot one more thing with them. I miss them dearly, we write each other daily. So I shot this at the clients house with probably the 14-24 2.8 Nikkor and using my Speedo strobes on 400ws dialed all the way down (3 stops) shooting through my Chimera softbox. I kind of felt like he looked like a little frog in this one..... which is why it's my pick for the week. I really liked the one in my photostream of him with the beanie, but in the end I liked this one more. Pardon the dog hair and some of the unnecessary wrinkles on the comforter. I didn't feel like retouching them out. Trying to be less picky :)

The Whitest Boy Alive - 1517
School of Seven Bells - Half Asleep
Stars - 14 Forever

Cupcake Cookies...help please?

Cupcake Cookies...help please?

These are my first ever RI cookies,(the baby ones where fondant) I made these last week for my son's birthday party but just didn't get time to decorate them, so finally I decorated them yesterday (while cooking the sunday roast) and i am now going to give them out as 'thank you's'....

I admire so much all the ''cookie ladies'' work on here,
(i don't want to offend by posting these, as there not up to your standard) but i would love some advice please.....I am totally in love with cookies, all the lovely wonderful designs that are possible!! my head has many ideas...But i have no idea what i am doing, i tried taking photo's of these bunched up, but smudged them as they weren't set!! how long do you leave them to set?? I iced them over 14 hours ago?? I didn't leave the colours to set long enough either between colours, as some have bled into the other!
If anyone could spare some time to give me a few basic tips, or advice on which books i could buy? or website to look at, i really would love to learn the technique of Cookies!!

All your wonderful designs delight me, and i thank you all so much for sharing your creations..

I remember what my first cake looked like! (all photos have been destroyed haha) ~ so i have confindence my cookies should improve too!!

Sarah x

what your baby looks like at 14 weeks

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