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Baby Names That Start With The Letter A

baby names that start with the letter a

    baby names
  • The most popular given names vary nationally, regionally, and culturally. Lists of widely used given names can consist of those most often bestowed upon infants born within the last year, thus reflecting the current naming trends, or else be composed of the personal names occurring most within

    letter a
  • Superiority,moving on to grander things, indication of an initial for name

baby names that start with the letter a - LeapFrog Clickstart

LeapFrog Clickstart My First Computer

LeapFrog Clickstart My First Computer

LeapFrog's ClickStart My First Computer is the first preschool learning system featuring a desktop experience that looks and works like a grownup PC. The ClickStart platform turns any TV into a child's first computer, simultaneously introducing core preschool skills and basic computer functionality. A friendly green puppy named Scout accompanies little ones on their learning journeys, appearing on the wireless keyboard with automatic shut-off as well as in onscreen games and activities.
Rich with content, ClickStart My First Computer offers exciting games as well as engaging software applications that work together to help kids earn treats for their friend Scout. Includes wireless keyboard with automatic shut-off, cartridge based console, child-sized mouse and right or left hand adjustable mouse pad. Requires 4 "AA" batteries and 4 "C" batteries (not included). Measures 16" x 8".

The LeapFrog ClickStart My First Computer introduces tots to the wonders of the PC and helps them learn basic computer skills. Ideal for ages three through six, this interactive toy plugs right into the television and teaches youngsters how to use a mouse and keyboard.
A Child-Friendly Design
The ClickStart features a child-friendly wireless keyboard, plug and play console, and a child-sized mouse with a right- or-left-handed adjustable mouse pad. It transforms the TV into a PC, which allows kids to work on a big screen and the whole family to join in on the fun. The miniature mouse is perfectly formed for little fingers to point and click. Large, colored buttons make it easy for kids to learn basic keystrokes, and four friendly games create a safe, age-appropriate environment to navigate. ClickStart is built to withstand rough toddler handling, a plus for parents who want to spare their high-end desktops from child's play. And the wireless keyboard is light and convenient to transport from place to place, so kids can bring the fun with them wherever they go.

Transform your TV into a PC for your child, complete with wireless keyboard and mouse. View larger.

Your child can click any of the icons on the desktop to play a game and learn.
Encourages Age-Appropriate Learning
It is never too early to teach children the correct way to use a computer. The ClickStart ensures that a child's first computing experience is age appropriate and pleasant, with engaging games that not only enhance basic computer skills, but prepare children for pre-school and kindergarten. This educational tool has four games that teach phonics, letters, animal facts, and counting, while sharpening a child's screen navigation skills. Friendly puppy Scout guides kids through keyboard functions and allows them to work at their own pace. Techno tots can click on a faux in-box to receive their first e-mail; it even has sound for nonreaders. Should the youngster ever become stumped, a hint button gives them a clue. Additional ClickStart software packages, sold separately, feature well-known characters such as Thomas the Tank Engine, Dora the Explorer, and Nemo.
What's in the Box
Wireless keyboard, plug and play console, mouse and mouse pad, and 4 learning games are built into the system. (Batteries are not included)

80% (17)

The Epic Tale of Toby & Trirhat

The Epic Tale of Toby & Trirhat

Dear Topatco-
Please find enclosed with this, my formal request for a Machine of Death card, a narrative poem composed by me. It is desinged to be read aloud to spellbound children.

Toby the Fox is based on Toby the Fox, a fox who was brought to the noble instituion of St. Tiggywinkles suffering from a head injury, likely sustained from an enocunter with a train. Toby passed away a few years ago, but lived a happy life while at St. Tiggy's.

Trirhat the Squirrel is based on Trirhat the Squirrel, a small baby squirrel we found hiding under our car. Trirhat was clearly terrified and probably in shock - he wasn't interested in any of the food I nudged toward him, and frankly looked just a little too young to be outside the nest. The next morning, Trirhat was gone. We don't expect to hear from him agin, but we hope for the best.

Thank you!

The Epic Tale of Toby & Trirhat

Toby and Trirhat were each other's best friend.
They played all the time, from sun up to day's end.
They lived in the forest, they ran 'round the trees
(Which Trirhat could climb with the greatest of ease).
Each night they would part, and heave a great sigh,
But know that it wasn't really goodbye,
Because even though they slept far apart,
With the rise of the sun, a new day would start.
Now Toby and Trirhat, they weren't always good,
And sometimes they did things that nobody should.
For Trirhat was flexible, clever and small,
Toby could talk to anyone at all.
He'd get their attention, Trirhat would strike,
And quick as a wink, they then would take flight.
Now one day they saw, drinking at the lagoon,
The trickiest of all, the mean old Rha Khune.
Rha Khune had some berries that looked so divine,
Toby just winked Trirhat started to climb.
And while Toby and Rha Khune exchanged pleasantries
Trirhat made off with his fresh raspberries.
When Rha Khune found out, he made such a scen
The whole forest knew of the duo's new scheme.
"That pair is too crafty, said hungry Rha Khune,
"But I know a trick that will soon change thier tune."
Rha Khune knew some magic, and he made it that
In the morning Trirhat woke to be CEETIRHAT!
Now Trirhats may live in the forest just fine,
But Ceetirhats love the city (their name might imply).
"Well, come on!" said Toby, "Let's get you home fast!"
But Rha Khune had broken the duo at last.
He said to the two, with a devilish smirk,
"You two can't be friends now, it simply won't work!
Ceetirhats do great, you live there in flocks,
But Toby will see it's no place for a fox."
Toby said "Pshaw!" Ceetirhat said "Phoo!"
And off they left for the city, those two.
But poor old Toby ran into a train,
And left for the forest as soon as he came.
Off to a highwire flew Ceetirhat with glee,
Called, "Look me up in the phonebook: Rhat, first name Ceeti!"
Toby made it home safely, but quickly was glum;
The forest's not the same without a fox's best chum!
He sat next to Rha Khune and told him the tale
Of a city filled with garbage, junk, and light rails.
Rha Khune's eyes grew wide when he pictures the scene;
It seemed much nicer than the forest had been!
They sent word to Ceetirhat, ASAP, post-haste!
Rha Khune LOVED the city, the garbage, the trash,
And admitted his magic transformation was rash.
"When you stole my berries, I should have seen
The forest's not the best for me, never has been!"
With a few cryptic motions and words Rha Khune murmured,
Gone was Ceetirhat, Trirhat had returned!
Now Toby and Trirhat are together at last,
Ad Rha Khune is happier now than times past.
He learned the moral, and you ought to too,
Friends make the best home, that's always true!

Sooperman Lover, baby! (xtuber Mark)

Sooperman Lover, baby!  (xtuber Mark)

-Look! Up in the sky!
-It's a bird...
-It's a plane!
-Hee hee hee hee, naw! It's Sooperman Lover, baby!

Ayo, I was out to lunch and shit
Puffin' on a blunt to get my head read(y)
Boogie'n to my walkman
With an \"S\" on my chest
(Bust a move!)
Yes I'm a Superhero, don't forget
I smoke mad niggas
So to hell with cigarettes
But anyway,
Let's get back to this skit
You know who the fuck I am
So git off that ol' bull-SHUCKS
Lunchtime was up, (FUCK!!)
Let me jet, Or i'll collect unemployment bucks
On the way back, black,
I spotted this object, a stray cat
Stuck in a tree
With a tag that says that:
\"If found,
Please return to this address\"
(How did you see it)?
Nigga! Wit my X-Ray eye set!
Like \"Pchoooooooww\"!
I jetted to the closest phone-booth
Quick fast,
I dipped into my Sooperlover suit...

(I can leap,
tall buildings
In a single bound...)

Right through the fuckin' phone-booth ceiling!
Naw, Sooperman Lover's the name
I can slam King-Kong
And pick up freight trains
On a mission,
To save this cat/that was wishin'
He was in his litter
Watchin' Fritz on channel 6'n
feet cocked-up/ just a little
With a cod cocktail
And a bowl, of tender vittles
I snatched, him
Took off through the air like a pigeon
Quick so he won't start
meowin' and bitchin'
The letter in cat's tag address (?)
(Elevator's broke!)
So I had to take the back steps
(Knock, Knock)
The door opened
then my eyes swole
from this BADASS DAME (Damn!)
Sippin' a quart of \"Old Gold\"
-\"Yo, is this your cat?\"
-\"Awww, yes! Where'd you find him at?\"
-\"He was stuck in a tree,
Around Uptown Manhattan\"
-\"Well how the hell did you save him?
Are you Police/Undercover?\"
-\"Naw baby,
The \"S\" on my chest stands for:\"

Chorus: Sooperman Lover (Yeah!)
Baby call him the Sooperman Lover
Something wrong...
Something wrong, indeed
Something wrong. Yes, yes indeed...

She was grateful
Lookin' for ways to repay me
No money,
A donut, and some..uhm coffee maybe?
Of course
What kind of sauce(?) did I take?
Make my donut Jelly
And my coffee Sanka
We sat,
Unhooked the cape from the back
She felt my arms
'Cause my pythons looked stacked
\"Goddamn, Sooperlover!
Yo shit looks thick
Tell me, how strong are you
With muscles like this? (you bad motherfucker!)\"

(I'm stronger than a locomotive)

I'll keep hittin ya like Rocky
She ran to the room
And came back with a (?)
Negligee, high-heeled shoes,
Wit' a blunt in her mouth
Ready to roll up,
Hey hold up/ she had the dollar fold(ed) up
To mix the coke with the smoke
Yo, she was no joke
She took a sniff,
Some got on her top lip
That bitch stuck out her tounge
and gave her top lip a lick
and said: -\"Here baby, hit it.\"
-\"Naw baby, I ain't wit' it
You'd need more than a body
To make me wanna hit that shit!\"
But I'll hit the blunt
So she took out her fronts
Cracked the philly
Opened the bag and laid out the skunk
Then I took a long pull
It was hype/ outtasite
We ran into the bedroom
So I cracked my pants for head room
Later, tossed the covers
And oh, brother! I was wit' it
Ready to hit it
Asked my dick, \"YO, WHASSUP GEE?\"
\"Yo man, shit's thick\"
Licked her down her belly
And kissed her on her back
Stuck my hands betewwn the legs
And I felt the bozack(!)
As big as mine (YO!)
This bitch must be craze,
So I threw my suit on
And I was Swayze...
'Cause I'm the:

Songtext: Redman - A day of Superman lover

baby names that start with the letter a

baby names that start with the letter a

The Alphabet / El alfabeto (English and Spanish Foundations Series) (Book #1) (Bilingual) (Board Book) (English and Spanish Edition)

Teaches children letter recognition and the alphabet with pages of delightul illustrations.

Teach children letter recognition and the alphabet with the use of cognates (words that look similar across languages). Research has proven that cognates are among the best tools for introducing two languages simultaneously to children. The pages are bursting with delightful illustrations of toys, musical instruments, as well as A±andA?s, queztals, and other exotic creatures native to South and Central America-all in bright and cheerful colors. Learning the alphabet has never been this fun! 32 pages, 4.75" x 5.875"

EnseA±a a los niA±os a reconocer las letras del alfabeto con pA?ginas de encantadoras ilustraciones.

EnseA±e a sus hijos a reconocer las letras del alfabeto mediante cognados (palabras que son similares en uno y otro idioma). Investigaciones han demostrado que los cognados constituyen una de las mejores herramientas para presentar a los niA±os dos idiomas de modo simultA?neo. Las pA?ginas estA?n llenas de encantadoras ilustraciones de juguetes e instrumentos musicales, asA­ como de A±andA?es, quetzales y otras criaturas exA?ticas nativas de CentroamA©rica y SuramA©rica, todo esto en brillantes y vivaces colores. A?Nunca habA­a sido tan divertido aprender el alfabeto! 32 pA?ginas, 4.75" x 5.875"

The Benefits and Features of the English A· Spanish Foundations series include:
• Helps teach vocabulary and other oral language concepts
• Summary page at the end to recap and instruct
• Helps kids get ready to read
• Helps develop phonemic, print, and numeric awareness
• Large bright colorful pictures to keep kids engaged
• Rounded corners for children s safety
• Laminated to protect from spills
• Board book so they can last
• Great size for little hands
• Simple but engaging text
• Useful for beginning Spanish at any level
• Useful for beginning English at any level

Our Guiding Principles:
• We believe that every child should be read to from birth.
• We believe every child should be taught at least two languages.
• We strive to surpass each customer's expectations.
• We will only produce the highest quality products.

Our Vision:
me+mi publishing will be a company that is recognized for producing the finest dual language products that allow children to function at a high level equally well in English and Spanish.

me+mi publishing has received the following literary awards:
• Benjamin Franklin Award
• Chicago Book Clinic Book and Media Show
• Latino Literary Hall of Fame Mariposa Award
• Latino Literary Hall of Fame
• Latino Literary Hall of Fame Honorable Mention
• Writer s Digest Certificate of Merit

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